Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Haul : April 2017

On this Wednesday we celebrate fake Friday. Who of you guys are working Friday? I unfortunately drew the short straw and will be working until home time this coming Friday. At least tomorrow is a public holiday and we can all catch up on some blogging, tv episodes or some housework. If the latter is on your to-do-list them maybe this post will cheer you up.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

I have been wanting to get this for EVER and recently when TBS had a 3 for 2 sale I jumped at the opportunity to test some of their skincare. I would like to put it to the test and then compare it to my trusty old Clinique take off the day cleansing balm. It has got the most beautiful fresh and clean smell (in my mind that just make my face feel cleaner) and the packaging is nice and sturdy. I look forward to using this product. 

MAC Lip Scrubtious in Candied Nectar

This was another item that was featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine, the April issue, and I am so happy I picked this up. The name is 100% fitting cause it smells exactly like peaches and its stunning. The formula is nice and oily but with a decent amount of grittiness to it. I am planing on doing a full review on this product and in a future post, maybe do a "vs" post and put it up against the Lush sugar scrub. 

Essence Lights of Orient Bronzer in 01 Sunkissed Beauty

I was literally stalking the Essence website for this trend edition and I did a whole giveaway when it came out. But from the whole collection this is the only item I got for myself. To me it looks like the perfect bronzer / contour shade and then the middle shimmery part is just life. Its nothing over the top and seems to be just enough. As this is a limited edition I will not be doing a full review, cause by the time I have tested and formed some decent opinions, I doubt that you will still be able to get hold of this, but I might let you know on social media what I think of it.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow-Revealing Liquid Peel

I have seen this all over YouTube and generally the gurus seem to like and recommend this product, so naturally I had to test it for myself. This seems to be everybody's favorite and to me it definitely smells citrus-ey but it also reminds me of cough syrup (just ever so slightly). But I  will not judge this product by its smell alone, we will put it to the test and then judge it by its performance. Cause if that is good, who cares how it smells? ( I am tempted to get the Drops if Light peel as well and put them up against each other) Note to self - find out what the difference is between this and the drops off Light peel...

The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

If you are like me and you hang onto every word the ladies from Dolled Up is saying and writing, you would have either already tried the Camomile makeup remover (in the pump bottle, not this one) or it is on your "to-get" list. Now my intention was to get that one that Julia always raves about, but because I really wanted to try the cleansing balm I opted for the waterproof formula. The reason for this is that the one Julia raves about and the balm is essential the same product in two different formulas. But it is still on my list to try and get back to you guys, so in the comments below let me know if you would like me to do a review of only this product or eventually of the full range?

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist

This mist was launched towards the end of March, but I could only get my hands on it the second week of April. I have a combination to oily skin type and this will be very interesting to see how it performs when combined with makeup and incorporated in my skin care routine. I will do a full review soon and tell you guys all about the deeds.

Elizabeth Arden White Tea 

Elizabeth Arden has been putting out stunning products lately and these two new launches just proof how on trend the brand is. The last couple of fragrances that they brought out was truly unique, I can honestly say that its a scent on its own. I am trying to reference this one to a scent I know but nothing comes to mind. It smells light and fresh and earthy and the bottle is just gorgeous. Come visit my Instagram for a peek or visit an Elizabeth Arden counter to try this perfume out.

Lentheric I heart Musk / Flowers

Lentheric recently came out with a new range of fragrances, both in body mist as well as a perfume. There are 4 scent in the range, a I heart Vanilla / Candy / Musk / Flowers. I picked up the body mist in the I heart Candy / Flowers scents and featured them in my Beauty edit post here, where each month I choose a few products from the page and do short reviews on them. I enjoyed the scents so much that I actually later on also picked up two of the perfumes. They do not last exceptionally long, but they are affordable enough that you can use them multiple times a day. I think these will be great as part of a gift parcel. They are on the sweeter side, but they are funky and light weight. Nothing too dramatic.

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid

Now I have spotted these on the TBS Facebook page and my heart instantly fell in love. When I stopped there the first time they did not have shades that I was comfortable wearing. It was okay cause when I went back, not only did they have a huge selection, they also had a 3 for 2 sale. I picked up a dusty rose shade, a red and a light pink shade. These look awesome and I have high hopes for them.

These were all the goodies I got in the month of April. Please leave me a link to your haul or let me know in the comments below what you picked up this month to test out.

Love ya

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Favorites : April 2017

It is Monday and we are all working through this week to get to reach Wednesday after work, then we have another freebie day off. This month I have loved a lot of "no muss, no fuss" kind of products as it was a busy month again. Let me talk you though all the goodies I have been loving.

Human + Kind Deep Cleansing Cloths

These face cloths are amazing, they almost feel like a very fine microfibre cloth but not completely, just a tiny bit softer. They are extremely soft but can still gently exfoliate you skin while removing makeup and its said to stimulate circulation as well. They are machine washable and are so easy to clean. I also think that they are rather affordable, so I do not feel guilty that my mascara sometimes stain the cloth. I absolutely love these and I highly recommend them. Please go check out the Human+Kind Facebook page.

Yardley London Love in the Mist Blusher

I picked this blusher up from Clicks to prepare for my Beauty Edit post in March. I had no idea how incredible this blusher will turn out to be. Its extremely pigmented but go on so smoothly. It blends out like a dream and last quite well on my cheeks. It provides a beautiful natural colored flush and has got tiny flecks of shimmer throughout the blush. I love it and wore it what seemed like most of the month.

Essence Lash Princess 

I have recently picked up the Lash Princess' new sister and in the spirit of comparison I whipped out this mascara. I completely forgot how much I liked this mascara, even with all its flaws. It does take a while for it to dry out and evolve into this awesome mascara. This tube had a permanent sleeping bag in my makeup case for the better part of the past two weeks.

Essence 2 in 1 Eye Shadow & Liner in Bronze

I do not have to talk about this shadow anymore. I have featured it in multiple blogposts and rightfully so. This cream shadow is the best. It's easy to apply, when set it will last all day and it's a gorgeous color. I can not want anything more from a shadow. I love this and planning to get back ups of these...

Essence Glossy Sticks and Colour & Care lipsticks

Most of these lived in my handbag this month. They are super comfortable on the lips and these colors are all more or less the same cause they apply so easy, you do not even need a mirror. Unfortunately they do not last very long on the lips, just long enough so that all the ladies in the office knows that you made an effort. It is however super easy to just re-apply when you keep one of them in your office desk (like I do). Love them!

These were all the beauty favorites for the month of April. Let me know what was your favorites or leave a link to your post.

Love ya

Friday, April 21, 2017

Review : L'Oreal Clay Masks

It is Friday and you have made it through the week. I feel that when there is a public holiday in the week it always make my week so much harder. Do net get me wrong, I look forward to that one freebie day off, but then I have to fit 5 days work into 4. Anyway, it was good to stay home and I even masked a bit over the weekend and today Im going to talk to you about the L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks.

Packaging - When you first purchase these masks, the box make it look like its a huge jar and you are already planning to mask every to every other night and it will last you for ages. Stop right there, the jar is about half of the box and the rest is packaging. This is not really an issue, cause on the box its states the ml's and it also tells you how many uses you would more or less get. Now the actual jar itself is a thick glass jar with a plastic lid. The jar feels really luxurious and adds weight to the product (which in the back of your mind make it feel like a fancier product than what it is). Unfortunately the direction and product information is on the box and not the jar, so if you want to refer back you will have to take photos or keep the "oversized" box.

Application - I have found that applying these msks (or most masks for that matter) with a flat foundation brush not only eliminates the mess, but I feel you have more control over the application of the mask. Make sure that you only apply a thin layer otherwise this mask will not dry in the recommended wear time if its too thick. I find that with the brush these masks are rather easy to apply and easy to spread, its also easy to sheer out. The most popular way to use these are called multitasking, where you use a different mask on a different spot on your face to treat a different skin concern.

Feeling - Once this mask has dried down, it feels like you have a cement face, its not my favorite feeling in the world and I am not convinced that it is good. The green and black masks are smooth as appose to the red one that has got exfoliating particles throughout the mask. As mentioned in previous skincare related posts, I am much more a fan of a chemical exfoliator (containing fruit enzymes) rather than a physical bead. On the box it lists the immediate result as well as the longterm results and I think it is definitely a prodcut that you have to use over a long period of time to see a difference. I have not seen my skin mattify when using the green mask, and the black mask I feel has not really pulled any "gunk" out of my skin. Reading back on this I might be a bit harsh in my review but when I hear clay masks my thoughts immediately go to the Glam Glow masks. Now I have not tried those masks yet (its on my wishlist and you can read about it here) but I have just expected more. Watching all the overseas YouTubers rave about these made my expectations rather high and I have not yet experienced that level of awesomeness with these masks yet.

Purpose - These masks are a blend of three powerful clays; Koalin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul. Then mixed with these clays are another ingredient that is different to each mask and it is this ingredient that allows each mask to target a different skin concern. Now lets chat about what all these mask are suppose to do according to the packaging.
Green - This mask contains Eucalyptus which is known for its purifying properties. That is why this mask is suppose to immediately make your skin look fresh, clean and purified. Within a week of use it is suppose to look matte, clearer and softer and with continuous use your skin should be able to breathe and visibly transformed.   
Red - In this mask they have added Red Algae extract which is suppose to have brightening properties. After use you skin should look softer, smoother and brighter. Within a week your pores should feel tighter and texture should start to refine and with continuous use you should radiate a healthy glow.
Black - Charcoal is the extra ingredient in this mask which acts like a agent to draw out impurities. after first use your skin should look purer and clearer and within the first week's use it is said to make your skin feel fresher and more luminous and then with continuous use skin can breathe and is visibly transformed.

Where to find - The easiest way to get hold of these masks will be to pop into a Dis-Chem or a Clicks. I have also seen them at some Edgars and Foschini stores. 

Price - I have seen these mask at different stores sold at different prices. They range from R130 - R150. I do not think the price point is bad as this is a more "specialized" type of mask.

Overall thoughts - There is currently loads of hype around these masks and I think that the internet and YouTube is to be thanked for that. Furthermore on its performance, I do not think that these masks are terrible, I just feel that there are better ones out there. The smell and the tightness I feel after these have dried down is not at the top of my list as reasons to buy this. I will however continue to use these to see if the longterm effect does take place, and besides as a beauty blogger I have a whole drawer full of products to counter act the dryness and the redness (a sneaky reference to a post to be published later this week) that these masks leave behind. Maybe in the future I might swallow my words but at this stage I do not feel that this is a product you need to run out and get asap.

If you have tried these, please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Love ya

Monday, April 17, 2017

Review : MAC Goodies

Hi guys, hope that you all are having an amazing long weekend and that you are all well rested. Tomorrow we all return to the office and get back into the swing of things. I know that it's not the most pleasant thought so I am bringing you a review today of some awesome MAC goodies to distract you and to keep you in a good mood. Who can walk into a MAC shop and walk out of there without a little something-something. Today I am going to share with you my thoughts on the little something-somethings I got.

Liptensity Lipstick in Postmodern & Medium Rare

The two things I look for in a lipstick is comfort and pigmentation and these lipsticks hit the nail right on the head. Not only are they super opaque but they are comfy on the lips as well. The packaging it so unique in the world of MAC with their signature black tubes. The color of the lipstick it exactly the color of the tube and the lid is also the exact color as the tube and the lipstick. All in all they all are true to color.

The formula is creamy and comfortable and glides on the lips with ease. They last quite a while and the darker pink one even leaves behind a pretty stain. At first these lippies go on very glossy and later they settle into a satin finish. I have not experienced that these "collect" up at the inner rim of your lip, so that is a huge plus. 

The color selection and range is very bold and it took me a while to pick out two shades that I found wearable and I was only successful with one of them in the end. The darker pink shade (Postmodern) is beautiful and compliments my skin, but unfortunately that is not the case with the lighter pink (Medium Rare). This is taking the whole dead zombie look to a whole new level. I do not look dead, I look deader than dead (Afrikaanse version - mors flippen dood) and to make things worse, it clings to any and every texture it can find on my lips (which is not hard at all). I now have a choice, either sell it or give it away, cause my husband does not do the zombie type girl...

Cream Color Base in Shell

The color in this photo is a bit off, just a tiny bit. Here is looks a bit red, but in real life it is more of a champaign pink. Its gorgeous I promise. 

This cream product comes in standard MAC packaging, the black pan with the see through top. Its easy to use, easy to spot the color (should you have or want more than one of these lovies). The packaging it sturdy like always and to tell the trust I am slightly addicted to the sound of a closing MAC compact.

This is a cream product but not a slippy slide type of cream, rather a (sorry for the word) stiff consistency. I have found that it applies better with your fingers rather than a brush, well if you want a more blingy highlight. This highlighter can be used under your foundation or on top, it swings both ways (wink wink ;-) ) It can be a very natural highlight or a slightly more intense highlight but nowhere near as blingy as a powder highlight.

Now I am not going to ramble on about my textured skin and blah blah blah. I appreciate how this highlighter does not sink into the textured areas and how it creates just enough to make me glow without adding to the oiliness. I think that has to do with the fact that there is micro shimmer (NOT GLITTER) particles in here. I really enjoy this product and I think its very versatile as you can use this as an eye shadow base as well.  

MAC EyeShadows in Wedge, All that Glitters and Mulch

MAC shadows are like bunnies, when you first look you have two shadows. Blink and then there are 8, blink again then you have 20, you do not want to blink again - at least your bank manager is begging you at this stage not to blink again. All jokes aside I love MAC shadows, never had one that I was not happy with. With this purchase I wanted to get something to create an easy and day time appropriate smokey eye look.

The packaging is the same as the color base and oh that click - it is so satisfying! I really appreciate the clear see through top where the color peeps through as for the formulas, I will tell you in a minute. These shadows perfume really well, but I enjoy them most when my eye lids are primed and set. I find that they blend easier when set with a powder first. Now lets talk about shades.

Wedge - Its a cool toned matte color and perfect to act as an transition color and to blow out a smokey look.
Mulch - This is a great color to define the outer "V" or deepen your look. It's a velvet finish which is almost like a sheen I suppose. Looking at this color is also seems cool toned.
All That Glitters - A very famous shade and Im sure it's part of most Guru's collection. This shadow has got a pearl finish and is perfect for popping on the lid to add some dimension to this look.

I am quite happy with most of these goodies, the only dud is the light pink lipstick and that is only cause of the color. Remember "mors dood" zombie. Have you tried any of these MAC goodies? If so what is your thoughts?

Love ya

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Other : Wish List April 2017

If you are reading this, you have made it to the extra long Easter Weekend. Relaxation and Chill-ation is all that should be on your "to-do-list". Today I have another sort of list that I want to share with you guys, its my current wish list. Some of the goodies are ridiculous and I will get hubby to maybe get it for my Birthday (which is not for a very long time) or I'll just simply go and start a side business LOL

  1. Smashbox Cover Shot Palette in Ablze - R650 (come check out my full review here, I got this palette after preparing this post).
  2. MontBlanc Lady Emblem EAU DE PARFUM - 75ml @ R1195
  3. Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm - (Do not fall off your chair) R1010
  4. Catrice Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara - R80
  5. Benefit California Blusher - R385 
  6. NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick - R150
  7. Palladio Crushed Metallic Eyeshadows - R99
  8. Catrice The Modern Matte Palette - R100
  9. Glamglow Multi Masking Kit - R800
  10. The Body Shop Drops of Light Range - From R150 - R275
  11. Clinique moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relive - R385
  12. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - $26
These are all the goodies on my current wishlist. Let me know in the comments below what product or items you are saving or just eyeing to get.

Love ya