10 Random Facts About Me Tag

Hope you guys are having a blast this weekend. This will be a tag post and thank you so much for The Beauty Section who tagged me to do this post. Please go check out her blog, its awesome!

I am really looking forward to doing this post cause it is a bit different to the normal posts I do. I'm shaking things up. And you get to learn a bit more about me.

1. I love my bed! I have mentioned in a previous post that I blog from my bed, I study from         my bed, watch movies in bed. It is such a comfy place and I'm surrounded by all the             beauty stuff I love to blog about. What more can a girl want?

2. I'm obsessed with finding a good make-up brush. For someone who is not a make-up    
    artist, I have an insane amount of brushes.

3. My skin is extremely fair and when I put my toes out the door the sun will instantly turn  
    me into a lobster. Sun screen is my best friend (after my husband)

4. I love baking and making my own sweeties - Turkish Delight is my favorite!

5. I have never been overseas, visited most of the provinces in our country though, but
    would love to go for an overseas holiday with my hubby. <3

6. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes but lately I have been reading more blog posts  
    than books. Adventure and action thrillers is my favorite and then some chic-lit every now
    and again.

7. I suffer from terrible headaches / migraines every now and again. Only my husband can
    love the witch I turn into when those headaches visit me. I love him to bits <3 

8. My favorite color is blue, but I love rocking a red lip or a neutral eye look.

9. Getting out of bed in the morning is the hardest thing to do. I am not a morning person at
    all and it takes a lot more than just coffee  and a shower to make human again as I do not
    really like coffee that much.

10. My mom is my best friend (other than my husband and the bottle of sunscreen)
      Although we live far apart I chat with her everyday, sometimes more than once a day,
      she is my role model in life. She is so beautiful and her heart is made of gold.

Thank you so much Anna for tagging me, It was really fun!

I tag Leigh-Ann from Fairleigh and Naeemah from ohitsajamjar
Please go and check out  their blogs and send them some love.

Love ya