Lorac Unzipped Palette Review

I will just come out and admit it. Eyeshadows give me life! Eyes, cheeks and lips... There is too many eyeshadow palettes, blushes and lippies in my collection - I will never finish it all in my lifetime. But testing new and pretty things is my second job.

I have seen this baby on social media a lot and most reviews was very good. I just thought that this palette is beautiful. The purple colors will go well with my pale skin and brown eyes.

Unfortunately South Africa's retails stores does not stock this palette. I had to go look elsewhere until I came across an Instgram user that sells oversea products. This made my heart very happy. I ordered the palette immediately and I enjoy using it. 

Top row colors left to right - 

Bottom row colors left to right - 

Together with the palette you will receive this eyeshadow primer. I did not use this a ton. There is others that I like more but it's a decent eye primer. 

Love ya